Peppa Pig Ambulance
Mom never allows Peppa Pig to ride her bike near on the road, but everyone knows that riding on the pavement is no fun! You have to go slow because of all the people walking and there’s no chance to speed up! So today Peppa and her friends went riding their bikes on the street, with all the cars. And everything went just perfect until Suzy Sheep decided to cross the street! Peppa followed her and was nearly hit by a car! The car stopped in about 10 inches from her and Poor Peppa was so frightened that she fell off her bike and now she’s covered with scratches and bruises. But it could be worse if the car actually hit her! You are the doctor of the ambulance so it is your assignment to help poor little Peppa get well. First of all, give Peppa a pill against pain and then apply ice to her bruises and clean off the blood from the scratches. Remove the splinter and bandage Peppa’s wounds. Finally, vaccinate her to prevent some dangerous infections getting through her wounds. Now Peppa is feeling much better!

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