Hairdresser Loving Colors
Hairstyling is not only Jesse’s work – it’s the love of her life! When she’s got no clients to work with she styles and restyles her own hair over and over again. Some hairdressers love curling, some are fond of braids, but Jesse’s passion is hair dyes. She thinks that naturally colored hair are the dullest thing in on earth. Jesse is a pro at combining different colors and creating colorful hairstyles that look a bit crazy, but stylish anyway. Today Jesse is going to share her professional secrets with you. Her today’s client, Alyssa, wants a super trendy hairstyle with colorful locks. Help Jesse to prepare Alyssa’s hair for styling by washing them with professional shampoos and pampering them with moisturizers. After that dry Alyssa’s hair to give it more volume, comb it and start styling. Cut each lock to desirable length, curl them or leave straight and, finally, pick the brightest colors that will make Alyssa’s hairstyle look totally unique.

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