Royal Date Rush
Meet beautiful Princess Darla from a Faraway Kingdom! She is a very nice girl who cares a lot about her style and always looks flawless. Now that you know it, you’ll understand why today’s accident turned out to be such a tragedy to Darla! She was heading to the castle of her fiance for a date with him and her path lead through a deep forest... Who reads fairy tales knows very well that nothing good usually happens to princesses in forests like that. But Darla was never keen on reading, so she went through the forest anyway. After about ten minute walk Darla met an ugly old woman with green skin and rotten teeth! The woman grabbed Darla’s hand and started begging for some money. “Let go of my pretty hand, you stupid frog! - cried Darla - How dares such an ugly creature even come close to a beautiful princess like myself??” – “Oh you think you’re beautiful? – asked the woman, grinning – Look at yourself then!” – and she disappeared. Darla pulled out her mirror and guess what she saw? Her dress was dirty and torn, face was covered with pimples and splinters and hair were a complete mess! Yes, darlings, that woman was a witch and she showed Darla how bad it is to be selfish and arrogant! Darla learned the lesson, but how is she going to face her beloved prince looking like this? You need to help her! Make Darla look pretty again!

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