International Royal Beauty Contest

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Ella Kavanaugh
The flag Elsa holds is the rigt flag but if you klick in to the dressing room the flag is wrong
2017-12-12 04:58:35
Ella Kavanaugh
In Norway the flag is wrong and I know that because I am norwegian
2017-12-12 04:54:52
Ella Kavanaugh
no moana is poleneysian
2017-11-17 17:11:08
Ella Kavanaugh
moana is not for use that I know of
2017-10-06 14:11:04
Ella Kavanaugh
je like grave
2017-07-16 06:45:29
Ella Kavanaugh
Samoans are from Hawaii and Hawaii is a US state
2017-07-15 18:55:26
Nice as game! REALLY fun! ^-^
2017-07-13 22:12:40
Ella Kavanaugh
Why is Moana American? Moana is Samoan not American.
2017-07-13 08:03:13

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