C.A. Cupid Hair and Facial
Did you know that “C.A.” in C.A. Cupid's name stands for Chariclo Arganthone? This cute doll studies both in Monster high and Ever After High because students from both schools equally need her magical power – the power of mending broken hearts and bringing people together. C.A. Cupid believes in love and spreads it all around her, so doesn’t she herself deserve love more than anyone? Sure she does! But Dexter Charming seems to have given all his love to Raven Queen and there’s no love left for C.A. in his heart... Or is there? Today C.A. is going to spend another day at Ever After High School - will you draw Dexter’s attention to the lovely daughter of Eros? What you need to do is make her look so amazing that he won’t be able to take his eyes off her! Use magical scrubs and creams to clean all the pimples and acnes off her face and make her skin shine with health. Take a good care of C.A.’s gorgeous pink hair with the help of special shampoos and conditioners. When you’re done with the treatments think of a super stylish makeup and outfit that will fit into C.A.’s style.

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