Title: Jasmine VS Ariel Fashion Battle
Description: Princess Jasmin and princess Ariel are taking part in MyCuteGames.com fashion battle tonight. Both princesses are going to hit the runway to prove their fashion taste. The judges will decide which princess is the most stylish of them all. Whom would you give the first place? Visit princess Ariel in her fascinating underwater palace, browse through her pearly royal wardrobe and put together a stylish outfit for the fashion battle. Then head to the mysterious palace of Agrabah to dress princess Jasmine in a gorgeous Arabic style outfit. Now the contestants are ready to hit the runway of the big MyCuteGames fashion battle! Let the judges choose the winner!
Title: Frozen Sisters Double Wedding
Description: Princesses Anna and Elsa are so close to each other that they want to share all the happiest moments of their lives. That is why Frozen sisters decided to get married on one day! Kristoff and Jack found the idea amazing, so Arendelle’s royal castle is getting ready for a double wedding. The ceremony will take place in a beautiful cathedral where two loving couples will say their vows, and after that everyone will move to the castle yard for a great feast. Anna and Elsa can’t wait for their wedding stylist (that is you) to turn them into two lovely brides. Choose a gorgeous sparkling wedding gown for each princess and accessorize it with a rose bouquet, a pair of lace gloves or a wedding veil.
Title: Royal Masquerade Ball
Description: It is a very special evening tonight. The King throws a masquerade ball for all kingdom citizens. The most famous princes and the most beautiful princesses from all over the kingdom are going to be there. Ariel, Rapunzel and their friends, Barbie and Ken, wish to visit the ball as well. But they cannot decide what to put on. Each of them has such a great variety of clothes, shoes and accessories to wear that they just cannot find the perfect match. That is why only you can help them! You should dress up not only Ariel and Rapunzel, but Barbie and Ken too. Create absolutely charming look for each member of the beautiful four. Choose the best dress, shoes, jewelry and other accessories but don’t forget about masks too. Enjoy the masquerade!
Title: Princesses at Oscar Ceremony
Description: The 88th Academy Awards ceremony is about to start soon. Princess Jasmine, Snow White and Olivia are all nominated for the best actress award. Each of them has prepared a speech and they are all so nervous that they have no mood to take care of their looks. Meanwhile the paparazzi are already setting their cameras along the Oscars’ red carpet. Olivia, Jasmine and Snow White should choose the most elegant evening gowns if they want to outshine the other movie stars on the red carpet. Help the princesses look fabulous during the ceremony and decide who of them the Oscar goes to!
Title: Frozen Sisters Movie Stars
Description: Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna were invited as special guests to the 88th Academy Awards ceremony that will take place on February 28. The stars of movie “Frozen” are famous all over the world now so all the paparazzi are going to focus their cameras on Elsa and Anna. Oscar ceremony is the key red carpet event in Hollywood, so Frozen sisters must look their best. Browse through a fabulous collection of sparkling evening gowns from famous designers and dress Elsa and Anna as gorgeous movie stars!
Title: Olivia's Instagram Profile
Description: Olivia hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram for quite a while. Her friends are starting to wonder what’s going on in her life. As a famous fashion blogger, Olivia can't afford leaving her profile without new posts for so long! Help Olivia make some gorgeous new pictures. Join her for a shopping spree in her favorite mall, browse through fresh spring collections and take a picture of Olivia trying on a pair of posh spring heels. Then have a cup of coffee at home with Olivia and take some cozy pictures with books, knitted socks and Olivia’s teddy bear. Finally, make a street look on the way to college and post all three looks on Instagram. Olivia’s profile is full of cool posts now!

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