Title: Olivia: Good or Bad?
Description: Olivia is such a style shifter! As a true fashionista, she likes to change her style according to her mood. Some days Olivia feels like being a good girl and chooses romantic, cute and super girly outfits. White lace, pearls, lots of pink and silver, flower prints and long wavy hair – that’s what a ‘good girl’ look mainly consists of. But there are days when Olivia wants to make a completely different impression. Pretending to be a bad girl, Olivia enriches her style with punk, grunge and goth elements. Ripped jeans, black fishnet tights, ombre hair, leather and studs – that’s what bad girls seem to wear. MyCuteGames offers you a selection of fashion items in both styles. Should Olivia look nice or naughty on her tonight’s date?
Title: Disney Princess Arabian Wedding
Description: Classic European style weddings are such a bore! Princess Jasmine introduces an alternative wedding look – an Arabian bride is the new trend! Barbie and princess Aurora are the first brides-to-be that found courage to try and make their weddings different. Jasmine works at MyCuteGames salon that offers all kinds of services necessary to create an authentic Arabian wedding image. Elegant henna tattoos on arms and legs, mysterious facial makeup look and Arabian style wedding outfits. Will you help Jasmine create Arabian wedding looks for Aurora and Barbie?
Title: Disney Princesses Runway Models
Description: Three of the most famous Disney Princeses are going to hit the runway tonight: Jasmine, Belle and Anna. They have just finished their education in MyCuteGames.com Model School and are ready to show off their skills. For a year Jasmine, Belle and Anna studied catwalking, posing for cameras and acting technique. They have also improved their makeup skills and sense of style. It’s time for the final test! If the princesses impress the judges tonight they will have a chance to work for the Disney Model Agency, how cool is that? Help Jasmine, Belle and Anna look flawless on their first fashion show. With a stylist like you they are sure to win!
Title: Princess vs Villains Selfie Challenge
Description: Princesses are undoubtedly more popular on MyCuteGames than villains are! Or is that really so?.. MyCuteGames is challenging Disney Princesses and Disney Villains on Instagram! Princesses Anna, Ariel and Rapunzel are going to make a super fun and super pretty selfie and post it on their Instagram. Mother Gothel, Ursula and Hans are going to do the same. Play this fun MyCuteGames game and help princesses and villains make the coolest selfies and see who will collect more likes!
Title: Olivia's Driving Test
Description: Olivia turned sixteen last week and now she is old enough to drive a car! Today is Olivia’s driving test. She has already passed the paper test and got excellent marks. All that’s left is the driving part. Traffic inspector Elsa will decide if Olivia is ready to drive a car. Pick a cute outfit for Olivia and design a stylish car for her. After that help Olivia pass the driving test. Don’t worry if you fail your first attempts. Driving a car isn’t easy so give yourself another chance! Olivia will receive her driver’s license thanks to you!
Title: Skating With Princesses
Description: Today Olivia is taking part in a big skating show together with princess Ariel and princess Elsa. They have been rehearsing their ice dance for months and they are a bit nervous. Help Olivia and princesses put together cool skating outfits to make them shine on their performance!

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