Do you know why all fairytales live for so long and never change? Because there is Ever After High School where children of fairytale characters learn to follow their destiny. The royals are happy to do so: Apple White, the daughter of Snow White, Briar Beauty, Sleeping Beauty's daughter, or Ashlynn Ella, Cinderella's heir, are more than happy with their "ever after". These princesses were born to dressup in royal gowns and accessorize their hairstyles with golden crowns. But there are also rebels! Raven Queen was the one who decided to challenge the rules and build a destiny of her own. Madeline Hatter, Kitty Cheshire, Cerise Hood, Cedar Wood and many others are on her side. And what is your favorite Ever After High doll? Are you a royal or a rebel? Play these Ever After High html5 games for girls and decide which side to take!

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