Miley Cyrus World Tour

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Right now Miley is getting ready for her very first concert of the 2018 World Tour and here’s your chance to make her shine. If you’re already curious to find out where it will take place, come and join her! We’ve picked 4 dream like destinations and you can start with your favorite. Once the main decision was taken you get to create a daring hairstyle for our beautiful pop singer and then you can dress her up as you wish. Then see waht jaw-dropping stage outfits you can put together for her next concert. There are glittery stage body suits prepared in her wardrobe as well as chic tank-tops, shorts, sheer and leather miniskirts and overtops to match your selection with. In terms of accessories there are some stunning high heeled pumps and knee-tall boots as well as cool sunglasses, piercings and colorful tattoos to complete her stage outfits with.

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