Super Nanny Emma

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Rating: 89%

Emma is a nanny for two kids and you have to help her make it through the day. First she needs to find a way to feed the children fish, which they usually hate. How about some fish tacos? Everyone loves them! On a tortilla put cilantro, fried fish, cabbage, avocado, jalapeno and hot sauce. Next you have to clean up the dishes. pick the ones falling, stack the clean ones and wash the dirty one. You have to get ten clean plates. Try to not break too many in the process. Then you have to clean up the living room after a fun pirates game. Put all the items in boxes so they can find them for next time. The final thing to do is give the kids a bath. Wash them with water and soap, rinse well and wipe the dry with towels. Have an incredible time playing this fun game!

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