Shopaholic in Hollywood
Any shopaholic dreams on shopping on the famous Hollywood boulevards. Today is your lucky day, girls! These three Hollywood fashionistas attend a red carpet party this afternoon and they want you to go shopping for them. The dress code is black tie which means elegant evening dresses, glam jewels and high heels. Your budget is restricted to a certain sum of money so you cannot go over that amount. Stroll on the Hollywood streets in search of the perfect shop or fashion boutique for your task. Show off your shopaholic skills spotting the right fashion items while keeping within the budget. Once you are done dressing up the girls, there are lots more surprises in store for you. How about working at one of the popular stores on Hollywood boulevard? Or getting a fabulous make up and hairstyle at a beauty salon? It is time for more shopping so have fun visiting all shops. Have a fantastic time playing our hot new dress up game, ladies!

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