Find yourself in a small kingdom of Arendelle lost in the picturesque mountains of Norway. That is where the Disney Frozen movie's action takes place, and these Frozen girl games' too. Wise and beautiful Princess Elsa rules this kingdom, and her cheerful sister Princess Anna is her right hand. Arendelle is peaceful and prosperous under their reign. But it hasn't always been this way. Let it go and play one of these Frozen mobile games to learn all the details of Anna and Elsa’s incredible story - the story about magic, loneliness, true love and lots of snow. And more incredible stories are yet to come! Will Anna and Kristoff finally marry each other? Will Olaf be able not to melt in the sun? Will Queen Elsa ever find her love?.. And will it be Jack Frost? Play these amazing html5 games for girls and you will find out!

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