Cinderella's Valentine Date
After the famous ball that took place at the palace, the prince fell in love with Cinderella and has asked her on a second date. But this time, fairy godmother cannot help her, so you will have to. Help her choose a wonderful princess gown to impress the prince. It could be a lovely green dress with leafs around her waist as decorations, a yellow one with small pink pearl applications, a strapless blue one with some pink stripes and glitter, a love turquoise and candy pink combination or a red one inspired by a flower. Style her hair in an elegant way and accessorize her look with precious jewelry like earrings, necklaces and tiaras. She also needs a small handbag and a pair of shoes to match the entire outfit and she is ready for the date of a lifetime. Have a blast playing Cinderella's Date!

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