Lagoona Blue's Pacific Spa
Lagoona Blue runs the Pacific Spa, a wonderful place where she offers some special treatments for her special ghouls. Lagoona’s clients are mostly her Monster High colleagues, especially the ones which don’t have underwater roots and want to test the wonders of the water beetles massage, the snail cream wrapping, algae facial treatment and other special tricks she performs in there. So why don’t you join her in getting the ‘Lagoona Blue’s Pacific Spa’ game for girls started to give her a precious helping hand? Operetta, Clawdia Wolf and Elissabat are your clients today and together with Lagoona Blue you are going to help each of them to relax and enjoy a great day at the Pacific Spa. Begin with Operetta and give her a back massage, then spoil Calwdia’s complexion with some colourful face masks and choose a jaw-dropping outfit to dress up Elissabat. Don’t forget to also capture the final picture with these beautiful and super spoiled Monster High ghouls!

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