This doll is the most gorgeous fashion icon of all times, and her name is... Barbie, of course! That's right, girls, this doll has conquered billions of hearts with her absolute beauty and elegance and brilliant sense of style, and girls all over the world want to be like her. Barbie's hairstyle, makeup and nails always look flawless. She is a true fashion addict and she loves to dress up in everything pink, glittery and girly-girl. Take part in Barbie's life in the Dreamhouse and uncover her beauty secrets in these addictive girl games here. Barbie is going to introduce you to all her friends and family. I guess you are already excited to meet Ken, Chelsea, Skipper and Stacie and also Raquelle, Teresa and Midge, aren't you? If you are, then get one of these exciting html5 mobile games with Barbie started and enjoy your stay at Barbie's place!

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