Cedar Wood Birthday Ball
All the students of Ever After high are going to the birthday ball and Cedar Wood is no exception. And as for any event, she wants a brand new look that will make her the star of the night. She wants a lighter shade for her hair and you can style it differently as well and add some colorful highlights to give it depth. You can also apply a lovely make-up and then choose for her outfit a princess style dress with glitter and ruffled sleeves, a high-low dress with big flower applications on the top or a dress with suspenders and small flower prints on the skirt. You can also mix and match a sailor inspired crop top, a corset with a wooden texture or a cute top with puff sleeves and a vest with a maxi skirt or a pair of shorts. Accessorize with a pink headband on her head with a bow or flowers. Enjoy playing this fun game!

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