Tom and Angela New Year Party
Come and play with your favourite friends, the lovely Talking Friends, Angela and Tom this time, who are always very excited to be here on our site because they always have a great time with you kids and they want that here in this particular game too, because this time is a very special occasion, the New Years Eve. The happy couple was still decorating the Christmas tree when they got an email from one of their best friends, a Talking Dog which you kids surely know if you are fans, and Angela and Tom are realy happy because they were invited to this great New Year’s Eve party and they are so exicted about it, a costume party in fact, because the truth is they didn’t have any plans at all for tht special night of the year, the last night. So come kids and check out this game because your friends need you, they want you to help them buy the most fun and interesting costumes in the most fancy shop in the city and of course maybe you can buy them to match too. Good luck!

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