Dream Wedding Gown
Tomorrow is Jenna’s wedding. The time seems to fly so fast! Looks like it was yesterday when her prince charming proposed to Jenna, and they decided to marry in three months. And now this day is almost here! Everything is ready and very well planned: the ceremony will take place on the bank of a forest lake, and then a beautifully decorated carriage will take Jenna and her husband to the luxury restaurant where all the guests will be waiting for them. Only one detail is unclear yet: Jenna still isn’t sure about her wedding gown, and this makes her nervous. Because for a girl nothing can be more important on this day than her gown! Jenna has several marvelous gowns to choose from. They all are just so fabulous that the choice is really tough. Maybe you can help her with a fashion advice? Jenna would be happy to know your opinion. Help her choose a gown that looks best on her and find a perfect combination of makeup colors.

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