Jasmine VS Ariel Fashion Battle
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Amanda Andrews
2017-09-13 03:41:31
Amanda Andrews
if you don't put clothes on either one, Ariel wins.
2017-06-17 20:16:53
Tiffany Khoo Xin Yi
like that's so me and they dnt even now
2017-01-28 01:50:16
Tiffany Khoo Xin Yi
oh my god what is what ur thinking what a m I a js
2017-01-28 01:49:53
Amanda Andrews
those arent even my comment e.e why does my account do what it want
2016-11-24 12:58:22
Amanda Andrews
umm ariel won and everyones saying jasmine wins every time
2016-10-13 14:02:53
Amanda Andrews
sinceramente le cose che si possono possono vestire tra Jasmine e Ariel,è meglio quella di Ariel ed infatti quando ho giocato io ha vinto Ariel
2016-10-10 05:37:40
Sahithi Sri
my friend is the of this game
2016-08-28 08:04:55
Mayleen Persaud
The music is great.But jasmine is my sister and i am ariel is me and my sister always wins so it is stupid:( HATE IT SO MUCH..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-08-05 06:09:32
Amanda Andrews
Game is rigged. Jasmine wins every time
2016-07-29 15:07:02
Amanda Andrews
i love it when jasmine wins
2016-07-29 09:55:04
Amanda Andrews
ela bir oyundur gulay ucun oyundur
2016-07-15 01:18:43
Mayleen Persaud
Ok this game is stupid i was ariel and my anuty was jasmine i put on clothes and my anuty did not put on clothes and she win my anunty win ugly ugly game
2016-07-09 15:18:29
Amanda Andrews
2016-07-08 19:33:26
Silvia Natalia Saucedo
soy la unica que abla español
2016-07-08 11:29:42
Amanda Andrews
who says that jasmine always win when i play ariel win i loved this game
2016-07-07 06:02:46
Mayleen Persaud
I have finally win jasmine.
2016-07-03 19:17:56
Mayleen Persaud
Jamine is always winning Now i am starting to hate this game.
2016-07-03 19:09:03
Amanda Andrews
2016-06-23 22:10:49
Amanda Andrews
2016-06-23 22:09:53
Amanda Andrews
Not even loading
2016-06-23 15:08:02
Amanda Andrews
just joking
2016-06-14 07:28:32
Amanda Andrews
this game is very fantastic
2016-06-14 07:28:12
Wayne Hinson
btw I'm a girl and this is my dads computer... oops.
2016-06-09 20:17:08
Wayne Hinson
this game is not bad but when you play with some one its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun because its funny to see them to throw a fit.
2016-06-09 20:14:55
Amanda Andrews
q chevere
2016-06-05 14:06:08
Courtney Knight
this game is riged
2016-06-02 00:15:25