Ashlynn Ella Hair Day
The daughter of Cinderella simply can’t afford looking even a dash less than perfect. Ashlynn Ella’s day always begins with a series of beauty treatments that help her look as stunning as a future princess should look, so every day for her is a hair day. But today Ashlynn should try to look even more perfect than usually. Because today is the grand opening of her own shoe boutique! Everyone knows that Ashlynn is a bit crazy about shoes because they are a very important part of her destiny. But she is not just crazy about shoes, she know everything about them! Ashlynn knows how to pick a pair of shoes that will fit your taste and personality and will feel so comfy that once you put them on you’d want to wear them forever! She can choose a perfect pair of shoes even for Tiny the Giant! That’s why the opening of Ashlynn’s shop is an event the whole Ever After High School has been looking forward to. And taking into account that the whole school is going to be there, including Hunter Huntsman (oh my!), Ashlynn’s got no choice but to look totally gorgeous. Will you help her with it?

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